How do I sign up?

We now have two ways for you to sign up: online or via our sign up form. If you would prefer to sign up online using a credit card, click here. If you want to mail us a check instead, please fill out our online form to indicate your chosen share and pick up day. Then, mail a check made payable to Norwell Farms to: P.O. Box 5434, Norwell MA 02061.

We will confirm your spot once we receive payment.

Why is the pricing different?

In our efforts to make signing up easier for our customers, we have decided to use an online payment platform. Unfortunately, it doesn't come cheap, and for farms our size, it would be very difficult to cover the cost of the system without asking for help from our customers. Instead of rolling the cost of the service into our CSA pricing, we have decided to give you a choice: you can opt to pay with a credit card, including a small fee, or to mail a check for the price of the share. 

How many people does a full share feed? How about a half share?

A full share feeds two to three adults or a family of four comfortably. A half share is best for two people, or people who use vegetables moderately in their cooking. 

How much do shares cost? Is buying a share a better value?

Full summer shares are $530 (or about $33/week) and half shares are $280 ($17.50/week). Being a CSA member at Norwell Farms is the best way to stay connected to your local farm and farmer. It is also the best way to save on high quality, organically grown vegetables in Norwell. This season, we have structured each weekly share so that you receive 15-20% more vegetables than you paid for - that's an additional $125 in your pocket if you buy a full share! Members also receive 10% off our Farm Stand and Farmer's Markets.

When is pick up? Can I change from week to week?

We're still ironing out the details for the 2017 pick up schedule. We will keep you posted!

You also offer your produce at your Farm Stand. Will the farm stand get vegetables that I don’t get in my CSA share? If so, why?

The CSA share members are the backbone of the farm and are the priority -- one of the benefits of membership! However, sometimes a small amount of a vegetable may be ready for harvest, but not yet in sufficient quantities for the entire CSA. So, yes, you might see some broccoli at the farm stand before you see it in your share, but don't worry! They are on their way. Conversely, if there are only enough quantities of a particular vegetable for the shareholders, then they won't be available at the farm stand. There may be items for sale at the stand from outside vendors such as honey or corn. There will not be part of the share, but they are available to CSA members at a 10% discount. 

I'm going to be on vacation and will miss a week. What do I do?

If you know you'll be out of town, please let Scott know at least 24 hours in advance. If you'll be back within the pick up week, we can arrange something. Otherwise, we suggest you send a neighbor or a friend to pick up your share. Sharing is caring!

I forgot to pick up! What happens?

Norwell Farms will donate all missed shares to the Norwell Food Pantry if no advance notice was given.